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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1119114634814850452945350119Ali NasarAlexandra Hills2018/2019Sunday C1 South10 1Macgregor PWG
210448184414850452930260104*Sandon L RothmanAlexandra Hills2018/2019C2 Grade13 1Moggill
39213034931485045293022192Mark SwanAlexandra Hills2018/2019C2 Grade3 1West Brisbane
48111463481485045293024881Ali NasarAlexandra Hills2018/2019C2 Grade10 1Moggill
5774556331485045294532677Greg BalcombeAlexandra Hills2018/2019Sunday C1 South2 1Russell Island Dolphins
6744818441485045293022174Sandon L RothmanAlexandra Hills2018/2019C2 Grade3 1West Brisbane
7728690541485045293025572aidan bookerAlexandra Hills2018/2019C2 Grade12 1Kenmore
87013034931485045294534370Mark SwanAlexandra Hills2018/2019Sunday C1 South7 1Russell Island Dolphins
96811670881485045294535068Peter SwanAlexandra Hills2018/2019Sunday C1 South10 1Macgregor PWG
106811463481485045294533268Ali NasarAlexandra Hills2018/2019Sunday C1 South4 1Macgregor Hawks
11668690541485045293026566aidan bookerAlexandra Hills2018/2019C2 Grade14 1Muddies
1257926641485045293021657Peter FitzpatrickAlexandra Hills2018/2019C2 Grade2 1Everton Districts
13538690541485045293024553*aidan bookerAlexandra Hills2018/2019C2 Grade9 1Muddies
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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