The policy of the Alexandra Hills Cricket Club (AHCC) is to provide the opportunity for every player to participate in the game of Cricket in a safe and sportsman like environment.   

Registering players are graded into teams based on their age as at the 31st August.  Depending on the number of players registering, it is normal for players within each age group to be separated into two teams. 

In the under 13 – under 16 these teams may be be graded into 'A' and 'B', whilst in the Under 10 – Under 12 a balance of experience and skill is maintained with teams usually called 'Gold' and 'Blue'.

At the discretion of coaches, players may be moved between teams in the same age group or compete in a higher age group than which they would normally play, but may not play in a lower age group.  

Based on members and competitions available, the Alexandra Hills Cricket Club offers teams in the following:

  • Junior Cricket

    • Milo In2Cricket Program (For children 5-10, running weekly between October/December),

    • U10's (Redlands Cricket Competition),

    • U11's (Redlands Cricket Competition),

    • U12's (Redlands Cricket Competition),

    • U13's (BEARS),

    • U14's (BEARS),

    • U15's (BEARS),

    • U16's (BEARS).

  • Senior Cricket

    • QSDCA Competition

    • Masters (RCI - Over 40's Winter Competition)